Sunday, June 7, 2009

Urijah faber vs. Mike brown

The fight was good, but Urijah faber broke his hand pretty bad in the first round. I'm glad he has heart and kept on fighting cause a lot of guys would have thrown in the towel and called it quits. Mike Brown wasn't as great as i thought he would be, he couldn't do much with urijah fabers hand being all busted up so whats up with that. I wasn't a big fan of Fabers but i am now cause he is a true champion to fight hurt and not cry or complain about pain and still try to get it done.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Aliens fact or fiction

Are aliens real? Did god make all the other planets and the universe so big just for fun? Are all the videos on YouTube and all video of UFOs real? I think aliens exist but its a toss up really because there really is no real evidence i don't think. I mean us as humans can make something fly in the air and film it. We have great imaginations and can lie to ourselves so good we even start to believe our own Lie's and get freaked out by them. I think aliens exist. I also think that they are probably mean and evil. Who knows maybe demons in the flesh. Tell me what you think, do you think they are real.

old misfits or new misfits

I love the misfits they had a fantastic sound and great lyrics but i must say that after danzig left the new misfits got gay and a little to colorful. the ex singer Micheal graves is a poser who had some pretty big shoes to fill and couldn't get it done. So here we got the new misfits with weak music singing old misfit lyrics that only danzig can sing because he is the misfits the rest of the guys especially Jerry only is just part of the rhythm section. Although i must say that i do like some songs done by dole and his band Gorgeous Frankenstein who's band is on danzig's label. Old misfits the best new misfits pack it up and retire or change your name. If you have any debate on the subject i am ready to take on all post's.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

punk music vs. all genre's

It seems to me that all music is getting really watered down or completely stupid. There is a lot of bands i consider punk that to most or all people wouldn't consider punk. I really cant understand what emo is, screamo, hardecore, hardcore emo screamo and all other made up genre's. A lot of bands call themselves punk but i am pretty sure everyone know that punk rock is and i hate to say it "dead." There will never be bands like x, the minutemen, the gun club, the adolescents or the misfits(the old featuring danzig not the new misfits cause they suck) that can make the punk sound, sound original anymore. Punk is a sound and a way of life its not a style of dress or trying your hardest to be different and look weired cause believe it or not the weired people are normal now. If your trying to be punk your a poser. If your emo or any other kind of made up genre you are a poser with a bad haircut, tight clothes and a hearing problem. I'm encouraging all people to explain to me or argue their point on whatever type of music they like and tell me why you like it so much.