Friday, June 5, 2009

old misfits or new misfits

I love the misfits they had a fantastic sound and great lyrics but i must say that after danzig left the new misfits got gay and a little to colorful. the ex singer Micheal graves is a poser who had some pretty big shoes to fill and couldn't get it done. So here we got the new misfits with weak music singing old misfit lyrics that only danzig can sing because he is the misfits the rest of the guys especially Jerry only is just part of the rhythm section. Although i must say that i do like some songs done by dole and his band Gorgeous Frankenstein who's band is on danzig's label. Old misfits the best new misfits pack it up and retire or change your name. If you have any debate on the subject i am ready to take on all post's.


  1. I was saving this line for a future post on my own blog, but I’ll preview it here for you: Going to see the new-Misfits is kind of like getting invited to a BBQ where the host tells you ahead of time that he will only be serving Boca Burgers.

    But you go anyway, hoping that there will at least be a lot of beer and women there. And there aren't.

  2. I appreciate the comment im glad to see that there are still some people out there that know music. I understand exactly what ur saying because once you get to the bbq u go to get a beer and its non alchoholic beer and the women are fat and ugly. Thanks again.