Wednesday, June 3, 2009

punk music vs. all genre's

It seems to me that all music is getting really watered down or completely stupid. There is a lot of bands i consider punk that to most or all people wouldn't consider punk. I really cant understand what emo is, screamo, hardecore, hardcore emo screamo and all other made up genre's. A lot of bands call themselves punk but i am pretty sure everyone know that punk rock is and i hate to say it "dead." There will never be bands like x, the minutemen, the gun club, the adolescents or the misfits(the old featuring danzig not the new misfits cause they suck) that can make the punk sound, sound original anymore. Punk is a sound and a way of life its not a style of dress or trying your hardest to be different and look weired cause believe it or not the weired people are normal now. If your trying to be punk your a poser. If your emo or any other kind of made up genre you are a poser with a bad haircut, tight clothes and a hearing problem. I'm encouraging all people to explain to me or argue their point on whatever type of music they like and tell me why you like it so much.

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